Chose the Wrong Cabinet Color? We Can Fix That!

Mistakes happen. Your cabinet color may not match your countertop island, the tile or wood flooring, or may not pair well with the color of your kitchen appliances such as your refrigerator, oven, or microwave. When it comes to choosing the color of your cabinets American Painting and Design can help guide you in making the right decision!

During a kitchen renovation, it may feel like choosing the color of your cabinet is the most important. Depending on your kitchen layout, cabinets might be the main focus or take up the most space altogether. The color of your cabinets will affect the mood and atmosphere of your kitchen. Being the centerpiece of your kitchen, it is best to decide on colors first before deciding other element changes to your kitchen.


American Painting and Design will do a thorough analysis of your kitchen to determine potential color options. We take a look at many aspects, one being lighting. Lighting will determine where your eyes will look into as well as how the light affects the color of your cabinets.


Let us know your thoughts and ideas for your new cabinet color and we can help you find the complete style for your kitchen. Call American Painting and Design today for a free quote and get the kitchen of your dreams today!