Is It Time to Add a Wood Stain to Your Deck?

Whether your current deck is dry and dull or simply needs a bit of a lift, American Painting provides professional wood staining services that will leave your deck looking brand new. According to, wood staining is just about the quickest and easiest way to change almost any piece of furniture including your deck and wood flooring.

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How Can I Choose the Right Wood Stain?

Good question. There is quite a wide variety of wood stains to choose from and buying the wrong stain can ruin your deck or flooring altogether. With plenty of brands and types to choose from, simply get in touch with American Painting and Design for full guidance. After all, wood staining is what we do with many years of experience.

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Am I Ready for Wood Staining?

That depends. Wood stain "adds rich color to all sorts of wood, bringing out natural grain, and refreshing the appearance of older materials that have faded with time and exposure to the elements". Depending on what your current deck or flooring looks like now, American Painting and Design can help you make that decision.

Call American Painting and Design for a free quote and get your home or business painted today!

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