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If you are hiring a painting contractor for your residential interior painting needs, you’ll want to ensure you’ve found the right contractor to do the job. In order to tell the difference between a great painting contractor such as American Painting & Design versus an inexperienced unqualified painting contractor, start the dialogue by asking them a few questions about their interior painting process. In this article we will discuss a variety of important details that are essential to a great interior painting job.


Understanding the finishing of your paint

Most painting contractors should know the prominent differences between paint finishes such as floss, matte, satin, and more. Ask your painting contractor which finishes are right for the specific area you’d like your home to be painted. For example, if you are planning to get your hallway painted and tend to have pets or children running around, you’ll want to stick to a gloss or satin as they are easy to clean and aren’t negatively affected when touched.

Color Theory and Psychology of Color

Every painting contractor should understand what colors can do for a room or area of your home. Ask your painting contractor what colors are suitable for certain moods. For instance, warming colors include orange and yellow whereas cool and calm colors include blues and purples. Additionally, nudge your painting contractor about tones, tints, and shades depending on the current colors of your furniture, flooring, or even home appliances.

Consistency in Paint Color

Every good painting contractor knows their math. They will not only ensure they have more paint than needed, but will make sure they include a primer, multiple coats, and have paint left over for any small repair work or minor mistakes. Also, it’s a good idea to ensure all buckets are uniform in color. Sometimes it is helpful to “pour multiple gallons into a larger, resealable bucket, and stir thoroughly”.

If you need help with any interior painting needs, be sure to consult the experts at American Painting & Design today. We would love to get started on your new painting and finishing project. Trust the professionals at American Painting & Design to get the job done right.