Spring is Here....The Perfect Time to Update the Look of your Home

Painting a home, whether the inside or out, in Oregon can be a challenge. While the weather is generally nice, just the time and effort required to paint the home is often a bit difficult. Most people have plenty of other tasks to do throughout the day, which is why they need to look towards other professionals who specialize in this kind of work. A residential paint contractor in Bend, Oregon has the ability to assist with this sort of issue. No matter what the size of the job is or what someone has to do, they are there. So, the next time anyone is looking into painting an area of their house, they just need to contact American Painting and Design. The residential paint contractor in Bend is able to work with the homeowners in order to determine which is the best way to go and what sort of color and look as best.


The outside of the house welcomes those to the residence. Whether it is a ranch style home or a two-story colonial style, there are different kinds of looks of a home, yet all need to look their very best in order to improve upon the curb appeal. One of the best ways to do this is though fresh paint.

person painting wall

The paint is able to provide the homeowners with a great new look. It does not matter if they just want to touch up the current paint, which is starting to show age, or they want a brand new color palette on the exterior of the home, American Painting and Design is there to help out. Before any sort of job is started, they sit down with the homeowners, go over what the homeowner is looking for, the desired final look and what their budget is. From there, American Painting and Design is there to provide assistance every step of the way.


The OR Redmond home is able to receive assistance in order to transform the interior of any room. Whether someone wants to improve the look of their home before selling the house or they are having trouble deciding what sorts of colors work for a particular room, American Painting and Design is there to help with this sort of a situation. So, the OR Redmond home can take on a new look and receive a breath of fresh air, all thanks to the new look.

person painting wall