Why Should You Hire a Professional Exterior Painter?

If you are looking to get your home painted and have the materials and expertise to do so, you may still want a professional painting contractor such as American Painting and Design Inc to do the job for you. We understand that painting your home means protecting and keeping your home looking beautiful. We also understand that it requires a lot of work and that many problems can arise during the painting process.

There are a variety of common issues that can arise when you decide to paint your home on your own or with a friends help. This includes potential intercoat peeling, meaning that the paint did not stick well initially. You'll have to scrape the paint off and re-do the process. Ensure that everything is spotless, use a good primer and paint that are compatible, and never paint on wet surfaces.

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Additionally, always check the temperature before you begin painting to prevent blisters from forming below your coat of paint (below 90 degrees). This happens when the outside temperature is far too hot. Furthermore, you'll also want to ensure the exterior surface is completely dry with no moisture. The moisture is what allows the blisters to form along with the rising temperature.

The professionals at American Painting and Design will leave you worry-free as we understand the technical procedures and what to look out for when it comes to exterior painting services. Feel free to give us a call us for further information at (541) 204-6144.