Avoid Making Exterior Painting Mistakes

graphic of man painting a wallWith several factors to look out for, whether it’s your first time or not, you’ll want to avoid making this painting mistakes most users and even painting contractors can make unknowingly! Before beginning, we always advise individuals to always hire a professional such as American Painting and Design for all their exterior painting services. So, what do these painting mistakes include?

  • Paint Blisters/Bubbles

  • Prepare Exposed Wood

  • Intercoat Peeling

Paint Blisters or Paint Bubbles

If you’ve hired a painting contractor in the past, or have hired someone you know to paint your home or business you may have seen paint blisters. These are formed when the outdoor temperature is too hot and paint is applied. Essentially, moisture is leaving below the topcoat. To ensure this does not occur, always hire a painting contractor when the temperature is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Intercoat Peeling

This happens when the paint doesn't stick entirely to the surface. This occurs when inexperienced painters do the work. You’ll want to ensure the exterior is completely cleaned, the primer is compatible with the surface, the paint is compatible with the primer, and that you are painting on a clean, dry, surface.

man on a ladder painting a wall

Exposed Wood

If you are painting an exterior wood building or have hired a professional to do so, it is extremely important that the wood has been sanded so there are no weathered wood areas. Prime is so that it is sealed and smooth again. Weathered wood can cause the new paint to crack or peel after a year or so.

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