Rethink Painting Your Ceilings

Ditch the status quo and try something new. If you’re open-minded or looking to change the interior of your room or home changing your ceiling color can have a subtle yet appealing effect. Transform your room today with a simple change in ceiling color.

living room

What Color Do I Choose?

Many factors are to consider before choosing the “color”. According to sources, you’ll want to take a look at the room’s overall purpose, the theme you are looking for, and other goals you are trying to achieve in the process. These goals can include if you are looking to make your space look bigger, if you are looking for a cozy feel, or a productive feel, etc..

Give The Illusion Of A Bigger Space

Did you know that lighter colors actually allow your room to seem bigger? With bright light colors, your room or home will look a bit more spacious. Try using a light colored ceiling with dark-colored walls for contrast. Low ceilings will start to feel open.

Additional Tips

For a room that is in need of warmth, you’ll want to use darker colors. Paint your ceiling and walls the same color but using a darker hue. Lastly, you can paint your ceilings a few shades darker than your walls.

living room

Let Get Started!

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