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Now that the "Holidays" Are Over, Here's What That Means for Us!

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With the holidays and the new year completed leaving 2020 behind, painting contractors are ready to paint your home and business for a fresh new start. However, "holidays" might not mean what you think they do for painters. The term "holiday" in painting refers to where there is a slight touch up needed or a spot where the paint failed to stick. These mistakes are seen once the painting is completely dried.

"Holidays" can leave your home looking incomplete or even sloppy as there are gaps left on the wall. These spots usually occur between the wall of the ceiling or corners of a room.

American Painting and Design will take full care of your walls and ceilings during the painting process. We will ensure that "holidays" simply won't exist aside from enjoying the holidays with family and friends! The professional painting experts have dealt with "holidays" and have plenty of experience to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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