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Residential painting services in Bend, OR, beautiful home.

Residential Painting in Bend

We specialize in residential painting on all types of homes. Trust American Painting & Design to get the job done right.

Interior Finishes living room floor wood finish in Bend OR

Interior Finishing in Bend

Our interior finishing services include stain and lacquer finishes and also paint grade enamel on woodwork, doors, and trims.

Staining services in Bend, OR living room setting

Staining Services in Bend

When doing a remodel or new construction remember to have all of your wood trim, windows and doors prefinished!

Restaurant commercial building completed in Bend, OR

Commercial Painting in Bend

Our commercial painting services include interior, exterior, epoxies, elastometrics, silver bright applications and more.

Cabinet refinishing in kitchen completed in Bend, OR

Cabinet Refinishing

We have completed many cabinet finishes. Check out why you should choose American Painting & Design today.

Exterior painting services for residential homes

Exterior Painting in Bend

Our exterior painting services are done correctly by professional exterior painters and top coated with quality paint!

Interior painting in Bend OR at American Painting

Interior Painting in Bend

Interior painting can be a pain when working on your own. Give us a call and we will work fast and efficiently!

Wood Refinishing in in Bend, ORluxury kitchen

Prefinishing in Bend

Trust the experts at American painting & Design to ensure your wood floor looks brand new again for many years to come.

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