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5 stars | 35 reviews
5 stars | 35 reviews
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John Casner
"American Painting just finished painting the exterior of our home and it is absolutely beautiful. The company had done our interior the year before and did such a great job that we selected it for our exterior job without..."
Arthur T. Griffith
"Doug helped us several times over the last few years, we'd use him again in a heartbeat. He did an amazing job with our interior and exterior painting, runs a tight shop and has an excellent crew. Our last project together was..."
Julie Zipper
"Amazing attention to detail. Doug's crew is courteous and efficient. Our job was 3 stories and very difficult with multiple level decks. The job was still done within the time quoted and price stayed within the estimate given...."

Bend Pre-Finishing Services 

For Beautiful Custom Finishing to Your Bend Home or Office, Call American Painting

When it comes to ensuring a painting or finishing project is completed beautifully and on time, pre-finishing is key. At American Painting, we have a full-service pre-finishing shop where we complete painting and custom finishing services on cabinets, doors, trims, window staining, and other removable items. This allows us to provide you with the high-quality service you deserve while ensuring your project is finished on time and with less mess in your home. 
Our Bend pre-finishing specialists offer a wide range of painting and finishing services across Central Oregon. Our team of dedicated professionals has the skill, experience, and know-how to tackle any project, from kitchen remodels to custom residential home builds. Our painters and finishers have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and American Painting has been a part of the Bend community since 1994. When quality matters, we have you covered. 

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What Is Pre-Finishing?

Pre-finishing is when removable items like doors, cabinets, trim, and even hardwood flooring are painted, stained, coated, or otherwise treated before installation. This work is typically done off-site and in a controlled environment. For example, At American Painting, we have a workshop specifically dedicated to the pre-finishing process. 
The benefits of pre-finishing include: 
Higher quality and consistent finish on items because of the controlled environment pre-finishing is completed in.
Materials are properly dried and cured before installation.
Less mess on the job site and less risk that finished materials are damaged by work going on around them.
Custom finishing work can be done at the same time as construction is happening on the job site, helping your project move efficiently and without delays.
You don't have to smell fumes or other odors associated with the painting/finishing process.

American Painting Takes Care of Everything

As a full-service painting and finishing company, we are committed to providing our customers with the services they need to complete their remodeling, new construction, and refinishing projects. Unlike some companies that only offer a limited range of painting services and who do not have off-site pre-finishing services, American Painting  can handle all your painting, window staining, and finishing needs. 
Our range of services includes: 
Cabinet painting and refinishing
Custom paint, staining, and finishing options
Hardwood floor pre-finishing and refinishing
Window staining, doors, trim, and baseboard staining and painting
Interior painting
Exterior painting
Commercial painting
Our Bend pre-finishing specialists are also available to help guide you in selecting paint and stain colors, types of finish, and more. With our extensive experience and our industry know-how, your project will be completed professionally and to your precise specifications.